Getting the Best from SEO

So, do you have a website or are considering having a new website? Without marketing the website to the right audience, it is almost pointless being online. A website that is advertised correctly is one of the most powerful lead generation tools to exist.

Think about it this way - There are millions of websites online, thousands of which are doing the exact same thing as yourself - Google has to work out which websites are better than others and rank them accordingly.

That is what we are here for; Using advanced techniques and tools we are able to monitor and update your website to appease Google. Now, you are thinking… well if there are guidelines that Google deems as ‘Good’ surely you can just follow those and get the top spot? The answer is no, Google has hundreds of different algorithms all of which are completely different depending on search results. This makes it almost impossible to follow the same guidelines for each client and get results. We need to identify your goals, analyze your competition and then we can identify the best moves to make for your business.

Is it worth the investment?

Well, that is entirely your decision. Of course, we are going to say yes!

Again, for example, think about how much you use Google in your everyday lives. Gone are the days where you pick up the Directory and search for a plumber to fix your leaking sink. I know what I would do, I would whip my phone out and google “Plumber” in my area and BAM within seconds I have found all of the local plumbing companies. If you want to be in amongst those at the top then it is definitely worth the investment.

Here at zero down, we talk straight to people. SEO is a long-term investment that takes time and patience. Our specialists dedicate time and effort to each individual client ensuring their website is kept updated and SEO friendly using the latest technology and tools to monitor your rankings. Regular changes are made checking closely how your rankings are affected.

If you ask me, it is definitely worth the investment! But I would say, so instead read some case studies and see what our clients are saying about us.

Where do we fit in?

Need our help? Firstly we carry out a full assessment of your website (We skip this part if you have purchased a website from ourselves as we only create our websites fully SEO ready). We also run a full competitor analysis to discover what your competitors are doing and how they are doing so.

Further research is then carried out finding relevant keywords in your industry and discussing them with yourself to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Whilst this is all underway we conduct a SEO audit of your website, this is a simple analysis of all links to and from your website and cleaning up any bad backlinks (bad reputation/reference). Finally, we you provide you with new engaging content every 2 weeks – this is the key part of pleasing google. You need to be active on the internet for them to identify you as important. Keeping consistent content flowing is a key aspect.

Do you want more business?

Not sure where to start?

Give us a call or drop by at the office, the coffee is always on!

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